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Monkey Business by Sophieluvsart Monkey Business :iconsophieluvsart:Sophieluvsart 1 28
Shape of a Wave
Stubborn boys
and melting girls
in plastic chairs
beside the sea and carousels
and sea glass hearts
are buried beyond the measures of her mind
and the milk man stands
with barefoot hands
"Man you've got to get away from her,"
and the post man yawns
and braids the lawn
because he knows it makes you smile.
Pretty girls
with long grey hair
that take scissors to their skin
and flames
and guns
with exploding hand grenades and guns
will fall asleep
with lion men
and fall apart
by night falls end.
And you are young
outside of old
a temperamental soul beyond the years
of what you know.
For every coin
inside the pool
of the fountain of youth
you roll your jeans
and wade on in
and take the shiny penny in your hand
you nurse the wishes
back to heath
shine the sheen
and toss them in again
because you are fragile
you are thin
you claim to be a child of the wind.
So close your eyes
and rest your head
it weighs ten pounds upon your bed.
Fall asleep
beneath the sheets,
the sheets in the shape
:iconsophieluvsart:Sophieluvsart 3 3
With bullets in your bones piled on the top stair its no wonder I found you braiding your grey hair there beneath the window Romeo sings to you but you are dropping cooins like a pagan angel and between the churches and teh chairs there will always be a sale the buzzard fell in love with the white tailed dove and you pull back your slingshot to aim you can't stand the song they'll sing everyone's on a fucking runaway train that leads to a dead-end ocean fairway and you weave roots into the earth with your callous cynical views while I try to patch your bullet hole wounds
:iconsophieluvsart:Sophieluvsart 1 0
Uncanny words tremble
Like rain inside a raven's cornea
B.b.b.b.burn those autumn leaves
This is correlation between
And redemption
You've been hiding in shadows for so long
They're smashing bones
Broken ribcages held together with
Crepe paper and sticky notes
Fall between the folds in a paper flower
We are cardboard cut outs of
We wanted to be
She wanted to break every clock
So the hands of time would never move again
Not once over her skin
She wanted to be
Everything he told her she could be
But she wasn't and she couldn't so she didn't
Not even once
Try to love like the
Wind loves the clouds and the clouds love the moon
Not ever again did she UN-sew her eyes
She drank
And sympathy is better than truth
That you are the patron saint of
Lost causes
:iconsophieluvsart:Sophieluvsart 1 1
We're hemorrhaging waste word
her eyebrows ached to be peeled back and vulnerable, a body needing to be dug into and turned belly up to sighs and steamed exhalations.
The yawning arch in her back and stretch of the hand, offers you a thesis to mold her bones and breathing into gentle whispers.
i couldn't breathe on her for fear of warming the glass to 3133 degrees and she'd be gone, exited out the back door of feeling. The fog would swallow her, roll her tightly into its belly and demand unreasonable ransom.
She is a child from electric pulses caused by 2000 volts from the lightning that festers in the wounds of black rainclouds. She is on a endless lunar cycle, forever crashing with the sweet lullaby of the waves. Her mother wove long latin roots in between every braid…
and took to breaking bread without praying, she never fasted on sundays. the tides took her under once and i am oh so afraid that she will hear a murmuring behind her head and trip down paths with no ending and mermaids in the m
:iconsophieluvsart:Sophieluvsart 4 11
Arsenous Acid by Sophieluvsart Arsenous Acid :iconsophieluvsart:Sophieluvsart 0 0 Lion Proofed? by Sophieluvsart Lion Proofed? :iconsophieluvsart:Sophieluvsart 1 0 Strawberries creme ice cream by Sophieluvsart Strawberries creme ice cream :iconsophieluvsart:Sophieluvsart 2 0 Meeting at Starbucks by Sophieluvsart Meeting at Starbucks :iconsophieluvsart:Sophieluvsart 0 0 Coffee on ze brain by Sophieluvsart Coffee on ze brain :iconsophieluvsart:Sophieluvsart 0 0 The Daily Grind by Sophieluvsart The Daily Grind :iconsophieluvsart:Sophieluvsart 0 0 Look My Way by Sophieluvsart Look My Way :iconsophieluvsart:Sophieluvsart 4 24
Next To The Begonias
And like the bird I found this morning
I'll hope someone BURRY's you
Next the Begonias
Says a prayer for you
cArVeS you a head stone from balsa wood
And like the c.A.r.W.r.E.a.K. I saw
I'll hope someone tells you
In a soft spoken voice in
             M O  T   I  ON
"honey youre just not going to make it"
Alert, seeming alive
Your eyes wide
And like the Butterfly I found tonight
I'll lay you
Blow you a kiss and smile
Such a beautiful sight
Maybe shed a
:iconsophieluvsart:Sophieluvsart 1 0
Random Birds of a Feather by Sophieluvsart Random Birds of a Feather :iconsophieluvsart:Sophieluvsart 4 4 Gangsta by Sophieluvsart Gangsta :iconsophieluvsart:Sophieluvsart 2 5
Honey, You're Begging For It
Black anger like filthy cigarette smoke
Clenched tight in a fist and
Smashed hard between over grown molars
Ear shattering scream incased in
A terrifying silent mouth...
For now
Volcano-tornado wind built up in
A chest so tight it doesn't seem right
Flesh crawling and shaking
So fiercely, body is sure to bust...
A glare so sharp it's accurate precision
Slices right through to the bone so
They could puncture and suck the marrow
Straight out of you
Hungry bear in a tiny cramped cage
Leads to homicide...
Leaving everyone in a bloody, bruised, broken
Matter without a care
Hopefully I'll refrain from reacting
Outwardly but oh honey,
You're begging for my fist
In your face
Hey, just stay away...
:iconsophieluvsart:Sophieluvsart 2 12


coffee table by rocduv coffee table :iconrocduv:rocduv 3 2 Best Friends by spacecoyote Best Friends :iconspacecoyote:spacecoyote 33,642 0 Stupid Cat by jollyjack Stupid Cat :iconjollyjack:jollyjack 9,963 1,021 Pikachu Bus by CloverWing Pikachu Bus :iconcloverwing:CloverWing 6,151 766 The Last Unicorn by melkatsa The Last Unicorn :iconmelkatsa:melkatsa 23,945 2,107 APB Zombie by arnistotle APB Zombie :iconarnistotle:arnistotle 4,301 220 APB Sofia by arnistotle APB Sofia :iconarnistotle:arnistotle 10,802 383 One Piece Fanart - Colored by arnistotle One Piece Fanart - Colored :iconarnistotle:arnistotle 74,057 6,650 untitled-dead rabbit on green by myodalisque untitled-dead rabbit on green :iconmyodalisque:myodalisque 468 55
Romancing Cotton
Someone told me that the balled-up almost was growing inside her like
a sapling, that soon the girl would be all swell and wet.  What she said
was, "don't leave". Her ego was a white sheet caught on a branch, the
type of fabric my mother treated with contempt. Frippery, beautiful
but impractical: keeping it alive was like trying to catch a bubble with
dry hands.
The wind carried the sickly smell of opium and morning sickness,
signals of a spring in which fingers like white spiders cradled
the beginning of bloom. Hope seemed at once skin-near and star-far.
What I offered her was not a marriage proposal, it was a murder
of crows slipping across the sheet of day. Union makes for ardour
and sweat. We were trying to build a body bereft of bones, with
phrases shaped like small sharp pins, like dove-fletched
arrows, like abandoned gods—relatively, you're
and there are always greater pains.
I assembled cribs, prayed to the god of broken things.
The future
:iconsliverofciel:sliverofciel 194 34
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  • Listening to: Flux and Flow by Lights
  • Reading: Girl with the Dragon tattoo
  • Watching: my fingers type
  • Playing: with color schemes for my drawings
  • Eating: crackers
  • Drinking: agua
Beneath the gentle breaths of snow flurries and grey skies

Trek across the contents of my mind

Follow the footsteps preserved in perfect snow

Headset forward

Or you'll be walking in circles

Watch the moon wane

Frozen toes

Bleeding nose


You're melting my eyes like ice under the belly of the hot sun

Barrier in the silence

Static in the air between us

Then a crack

As quiet as a deer's crunching hoof in fresh snow

But like a wolf on the prowl

You hear it

Sense it

Break it down

You followed

You found me

I'm yours

You're finding me in Siberia

Bringing me back to life


Oki so little poem I thought up there, creative juices have been flowing. Symbolism behind the poem, Person disconnected from the world, alone, isolating themselves not wanting to get hurt, opposing person finds them and stubbornly persists untill they melt the icey exterior hence winning over that person. Yay for happy poem (even if it doesn't seem that way) lol

------------------------------------------- :squee: -----------------------------------

In other news i'm working on a pinup zombie girl, A hunter/army/idfk what she is girl, and a mermaid (mainly bc my friend is getting a nautical tattoo and he wanted me to help design certain pieces of it) so hopefully I can post some images for my peoples here :D yay getting back in the grove of the DA.

I also have been adding a lot of DA users to my watch list because I'm just finding so many talented people with intriguing styles an ideas so yay!

i believe that tis all

p.s. I have tha best boyfriend on the planet :giggle: that is all



im done pretending sorry
United States
Blonde, blue eyed, freckled, and care free, Deviant = <3

Current Residence: inside my Head
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VxRomanxV Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Soph, Come back to the DA community. It's been mighty lonely here without ya. Yeah.. I know I've been gone too, but I'm here again. Life can really press you into tight spaces that you don't want to be in. So yeah, if you have a phone, you should give me a text or a call sometime. :3

Long time no hear from you, and wondering how you've been, so, when you get this, let me know how you are! I really miss ya.
Sophieluvsart Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2011
hey, Sorry i've been so absent
VxRomanxV Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
It's okay Soph, how are you?
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Thanks for the watch :D
Sophieluvsart Featured By Owner May 1, 2011
not a problem :3
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Awe same!! You are so very kind!!
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you don't fav anyone except me and ashley. o_O

but thanks doll. :3
Sophieluvsart Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2010
hahaha because You guys are my favorite. I have other poets I read and follow but I only favorite them when they touch me in a certain way.
orangecloudsraining Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2010  Student Writer
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